Charters & Commercial Reservations

Our Marine Vessels are available for business & commercial reservations and charters*

The Commercial Desk in New London is responsible for each ferry trip’s load for stability and other purposes. It processes ALL business and commercial reservations and trailers.  Charters must also be specifically arranged by phone with the Commercial Desk.

Commercial Desk Hours: weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Commercial Desk Phone: (860) 442-0165 x302

*Space and times may be limited due to the availability of the vessels. The Ferry District reserves the right to add vehicles or freight as necessary to all but Private Charters. Fuel Charters have a 16 passenger restriction per the USCG.

Standby Passengers

Standby passengers are often permitted on charters that originate from New London. The return from Fishers Island to New London is typically one hour following the departure time from New London. Please contact the vessel’s captain to confirm permission to board a charter as a standby vehicle or passenger.