OB8 Elizabeth Field Airport

Elizabeth Field (IATA: FID, FAA LID: 0B8) is a public use airport located on Fishers Island in Suffolk County, NY. It is owned by the Town of Southold and managed by the Fishers Island Ferry District. According to the FAA’s National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems for 2009-2013, Elizabeth field is classified as a general aviation airport. Located on the western end of Fishers Island, the airfield saw military use during World War II as part of Fort H. G. Wright.

This is an unmanned field and on-field information may not be available.

Airport Manager

The Airport Manager is the Fishers Island Ferry District.
Phone: please dial 631-788-7463 extension 201 and leave a message
E-mail: [email protected]
It is very important to understand that NO ONE is allowed on the runways – people and/or vehicles.  The only exception to this is along Runway 12 (the western end of Fishers Island) where cars are allowed to transit the concrete apron to continue along the Race Point road and return from Race Point.

Care must be taken with vehicles stopping and making visual checks for approaching aircraft (take-off and landings) before crossing the RW 12 concrete apron.

Situational awareness is very important as accidents can be catastrophic.

The Airport Manager maintains paths and roadways to the western end of Fishers Island (Race Point).  Please use these options.

Airport Rates

LANDING FEES: When the field is unattended, landing aircraft information is electronically collected. A bill will be sent to you for the landing fee.
Single (non-commercial)$20
Twin (non-commercial)$50
Helicopter (non-commercial)$50
Commercial (plane and rotor)$100
Aircraft over 4500 MGLW$100
Tie Down ( per night) Tie down does not include landing fee$30
Exceeding 10 minute idle time (Per occurrence)$76

Airport Capital Improvement Program

The Ferry District along with the airport’s owner, the Town of Southold, are reviewing draft airport ordinance laws.

The Airport Capital Improvement Program (“ACIP”) is a rolling five year plan that is required for qualifying FAA grant projects. Currently the airport receives $150,000 in annual grants from the FAA. Normally the projects are reimbursed 95% (90% from the FAA and 5% from the NYS DOT). Special projects such as runway repaving (which are much more expensive) have much more favorable terms to the Ferry District. Projects may not be finalized and others may be changed or split between years to help the economics.

Current projects are rehabilitating the Electrical Vault, preparing an obstruction analysis and changing improving the airport entrance road.

Below are links to the recent ACIP annual summaries.


We have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for all users. We ask that you do not walk or bike on the surface operation area of the airfield. Please do not enter any paved surface (runway, shoulder, or displaced threshold) with the exception of the extreme approach end of RWY 12, where the path crosses the displaced threshold. Violators will be subject to a fine up up $1000.00.


There are several trails that lead from the airport to the beach area. One on the west side of the parking apron and one east of the approach end of RWY 25. These trails are marked in yellow on the map. Please stay on these trails on your way to the beach for your safety, the safety of others and the preservation of our fragile ecosystem.


There are several ecologically sensitive areas around the field. These areas are marked with signs. Please heed these signs and protect our wildlife.

Shorebirds on beach near airport by Justine Kibbe

Runway 12 by Matthew Edwards

Elizabeth Field Airport Hangar Plans

The hangar is being funded with private funds and will revert back to the Town after a 30-year lease. The hangar will have room for 3 planes. Rental space will be available.

More information can be found on file at Town of Southold available at this link: