The Fishers Island Ferry District

Our mission

The primary mission of the Fishers Island Ferry District (“Ferry District”) is to provide safe, reliable, courteous, professional, convenient and cost effective public marine transportation services from Fishers Island, New York to the Connecticut mainland year around, consistent with its mandate set forth in the Enabling Act.

The secondary mission of the Ferry District is to manage certain real property owned by the Town of Southold and located on Fishers Island (including Elizabeth Field and contiguous lands and improvements), consistent with its mandate as set forth in the Enabling Act.

At all times, the Ferry District seeks to balance the need for profitable operations with compelling needs and priorities of the island community; and operate at the highest operational, professional and ethical standards with all constituencies.

Fishers Island Ferry Board of Commissioners

Commissioner Term Expires*
James Reid (Jim) 2023
Andrew R. Ahrens (Ace) 2024
Thomas Cashel (Tom) 2025
Heather F. Burnham 2026
Dianna Shillo 2027

* Terms expire the 2nd Tuesday of August that year

Year-round residents and property owners are encouraged to register to vote from a Fishers Island address in order to participate in ferry elections.

The Board of Commissioners Annual Election is held the second Tuesday of August each year.


Geb Cook

District Manager

Joined FIFD in 2017.
Responsible for ferry service day-to-day operations, management of Town of Southold properties, customer relations and communication with the Town.

David McCall

Island Manager

Joined FIFD in 2022.
Oversees Island Ferry Operations; including ticketing, freight and staging. Additionally, manages Elizabeth Field Airport and Town of Southold Properties.

Carol Murphy

Business Manager

Joined FIFD in 2020.
Oversees the accounting team in New London.
“Work is fulfilling when you work with great people.”

John Haney

Marine Operations Manager

Joined FIFD in 2012.
Oversees daily marine operations, crew scheduling, maintenance and ensures Coast Guard compliance.

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