The year-round resident program has been established by the Board of Commissioners of the Fishers Island Ferry District for the purpose of encouraging and sustaining year round residency through a ticket discount when using the ferry service. Year round residents are encouraged to register to vote from a Fishers Island address in order to participate in ferry elections.

Qualifications of “Year Round Residency”

  1. The applicant will be resident on Fishers Island, New York “year round”, at least nine months (270 days) of the calendar year. The dependents of year round residents also qualify until they establish separate residence or pass their 26th birthday.
  2. All resident ID holders and applicants must present a valid NY State driver’s license or NYS ID with a Fishers Island address.
  3. Applicants/ID holders must submit completed application/renewal form to the Fishers Island Ferry District’s business office for review and approval.
  4. In order to receive the discount, the year round resident must display his/her ID card when purchasing a ticket and unique cards must be displayed for each ticket acquired. Year-round residents may use pictures of their Resident IDs on their mobile devices as proof of residency and eligibility for the resident fare discount in place of having the ID card on-hand.
  5. Discount trips are strictly for personal use only. Year round residents using the ferry for business or commercial use are required to pay the full fare.
  6. Residents new to Fishers Island are required to have maintained a full time, documented status for a minimum of four (4) months before obtaining a year round resident ID card. The four month waiting period may be shortened if a valid NY State driver’s license or NYS ID with a Fishers Island address is provided.
  7. Replacement cards cost $10.00.
  8. Residents are required to have a freight account with an email address.

Granting of the year round pass is ultimately at the discretion of the Fishers Island Ferry District’s Board of Commissioners. The resident ID may be suspended or withdrawn at any time. Misuse of this privilege may result in termination of the ID card.

If you require a new picture (recommended for children) please contact Hunter at x7744 or

Download the 2023 Year-Round Pass Application.

Download the Year-Round Pass Renewal Form.