• Vehicle reservations are highly recommended. FI Ticketing & Reservation offices hours are limited. It is best to use the website to make or change a reservation. Make reservations online.
  • If you make an on-line reservation you will receive an email confirmation. If you do not receive a confirmation, first check your junk mail and if not there please call Ticketing at 860-442-0165 or FI Ticketing at 631-788-7744 when the office is open.
  • All commercial vehicles, oversized vehicles and trailers must make a reservation via the Commercial Desk in New London at 860-442-0165 x302. Weekdays 8:30 – 3:30.
  • All non-commercial vehicles >18’ or higher than 6’6” are considered over-sized and must purchase additional fare.
  • No Driver Vehicles require No Driver ticket and a mirror hanger form. On Fishers Island the ticket must be purchased either at the kiosk or via the ticket agent.
  • Vehicles must be in line with a driver 25 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the reservation. Guests must be made aware of this.


  • Vehicle tickets will be collected in New London. Please place all tickets under driver side wiper blade. Retain the passenger ticket(s) (stubs) for your return trip. Failure to provide a ticket embarking at Fishers Island will require an additional ticket purchase.


  • Lane 1 is non-commercial vehicle standby.
  • Lane 2 is reserved for smaller vehicles.
  • Lane 3 is reserved for primarily larger vehicles and all vehicles > 6’6” height and 18’ long.
  • Lanes 4 & 5 are for commercial vehicles, rental trucks and all trailers.


  • All lanes as directed by Stager, subject to change depending on traffic flow
  • Lanes 3 & 4  are reserved for non-business/commercial  “domestic”  vehicles
  • Lane 5/6 is standby for “domestic” vehicles
  • Lane 7 is reserved business/commercial

When entering the New London terminal and for your safety please do not stop or pause on the railroad tracks.


  • Once your car is safely parked on the ferry, please turn off the vehicle engine and place the vehicle in either park or in first gear and engage the handbrake.
  • You may exit your vehicle to go to the passenger cabin or sun decks. (Certain cabin space is reserved for the school on the 7:00AM and 4:45PM weekday trips during the school session.)
  • You may stay in your vehicle (except in the last lane on the ferry), but once the ferry trip begins you will not be allowed to move between the vehicle & passenger decks.
  • If you need to roll your window down, please mask up.
  • If you leave an animal in the vehicle please crack the windows as the vehicle deck can become very hot in the summers.