Passenger Tickets

  • Passengers purchasing round trip passage at the New London Terminal will be issued one ticket. The ticket will be hole-punched by a deckhand, and returned to the passenger for use on their return trip from the Island.
  • Round trips only originate from New London.
  • Passengers from Fishers Island will utilize the same round trip ticket for return passage and present that ticket to a deckhand when getting on the ferry at Fishers Island. Passengers who do not present a ticket will be directed to the kiosk or reservation office for purchase.
  • Seasonal and resident pricing remains unchanged for round trip tickets.
  • Commuter books will still be offered at existing discounts, and hole-punched as above.
  • Tickets will be sold at the Ferry terminals in New London and on Fishers Island during normally scheduled hours.
  • A One-way passenger ticket costs $15 regardless of seasonal pricing or residential status. One-way tickets will only be used when leaving the Island and presented when disembarking at New London.
  • One-way passenger tickets will be also be available for purchase at kiosks located at the Fishers Island Ferry Terminal waiting room and at the Village Market.
  • Fishers Island School students (K-12) traveling by Ferry from New London, will receive one round trip ticket per day and must show a school ID for their return trip.
  • Visiting team members attending a FI School sporting event will receive one round trip ticket per day.

Vehicle Tickets

  • Automobiles are unchanged. Tickets will be hole-punched to show that it has been used, and turned in when getting on a ferry at New London. An auto ticket is not required for return travel.

Other Notes

  • On Board ticket sales will not be offered at this time.
  • Old tickets and ticket books can be used until 10/1/2018 at which date they will be expired.
  • The Ferry is looking forward to streamlining its ticketing process by incorporating better technology in the future.

The Fishers Island Ferry District reserves the right to amend the Ticketing Policy at any time.

(October 1, 2017)