In accordance with the Maritime Transportation Security Act and in cooperation with the City of New London and State of Connecticut, parking at the Fishers Island Ferry District terminal in New London will be closely monitored and controlled. Patrons are encouraged to park at the Water Street Parking garage.

20 paid parking spaces will be available at the New London terminal including three spaces for handicapped permits. These spaces will be available on a first come – first served basis.

  • Customers must prepay for parking.
  • Customers must display a fishers island ferry district card on their review mirror indicating the owner’s identity, contact number, date and time of pickup.
  • Customers are required to leave the keys with the ticket agents in the building.

Any vehicles left for more than 30 minutes without a current ferry district parking card on display will be towed.

Commercial vehicles will also pay for parking at the rate described below.


Weekday (Day) Mon-Thurs. $20.00
Weekday (Hourly)  max. 6hrs $3.00/hr
Weekend (Day) Friday $40.00
Weekend (Day) Sat-Sun $40.00
Weekday (Hourly) max. 6hrs $3.00/hr

The day rate applies from midnight until 21:00 Saturday through Thursday, 23:00 on Fridays. For example, a vehicle left at 18:00 on Monday through 09:00 on Tuesday WILL BE CHARGED for 2 days.

New London terminal ticket agents will apply parking charges via the ticketing system. PARKING TICKETS WILL NOT BE PRODUCED. Two receipts will be generated for each transaction. If a vehicle is left beyond the time allotted through pre-payment, the balance will be collected at the time of pick up, prior to the vehicle’s keys being returned. Vehicles that exceed more than one day beyond the pre-payment date, without additional contact with the facility agents, will be towed.


Commercial rates are applied to commercial vehicles that exceed 18’ in length and remain parked at the New London terminal overnight. This latitude will be provided only if prior arrangements are made with the office in New London. Often such vehicles leave the island during the course of the day and are scheduled to be picked up by the end of business hours of the same day. For each night a commercial vehicle remains at the terminal the charge will $24.00, Monday through Thursday and $48.00, Friday through Sunday.


Additional parking is available at the Water Street Parking Garage in New London, directly across the street from the ferry terminal. Rates are subject to change without notice. Please call (860) 443-1775 to verify parking garage rates.

Weekday (Mon-Fri) $10.00/day
Sat-Sun & Holidays $15.00/day


Parking is also available at the Governor Winthrop Parking Garage across from the Holiday Inn hotel.

Weekday (Mon-Fri) $10.00/day
Weekends (in on Fri – out on Sun or Mon) $25.00