Ferry Departures

  • All Ferry District ferries will depart as per the published schedule.
  • Once the security gate is closed, it will not be reopened (per the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002).
  • Once on board, passengers are not allowed to leave the ferry (per the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002).

Ferry Delays

  • The Ferry District is under no obligation to delay departures on any trip.
  • The Ferry District may delay and/or cancel sailing for safety reasons or the approach of potentially hazardous weather.

Weather Policy

Because of the broad spectrum of clientele Fishers Island Ferry serves and the impact weather can have on its operation there are going to be times when Captains or Managers must exercise their best judgment in determining departure time. This determination should in no way diminish Fishers Island Ferries commitment to on time departures or the safety of the passengers, the vessel or the crew.

Train Policy

The only train Fishers Island Ferry Captains will wait for is the last train of the evening/day. Captains will wait a maximum of 15 minutes before departing. If train is or has been blocking the train crossing ten minutes prior to departure an additional five extra minutes is allowed before “a late departure” to allow for loading.

Anytime a delay is anticipated Captain/crew is directed to make a short general announcement to passengers as to the reason and estimated departure time.

(December 8, 2014)