Freight Collection on Fishers Island

On Fishers Island, freight is handled in Building 209 (the long brick building).

A fee is payable upon receipt of freight (see 2019 Freight Rates in effect March 15, 2019).

There is no charge for deliveries of medicine, FedEx express freight and UPS.

Freight must be collected within 5 days of arriving in the freight office. Storage fees will be payable for each day following the 5th day: $2.00 per day for items under 50 pounds; $5.00 per day for items over 50 pounds. Freight will not be surrendered until all fees are paid.

Freight should be addressed as follows:
Recipient’s Name
Recipient’s Fishers Island street number and name
#box number*
Fishers Island, NY, 06390**

* Please use “#” and the recipient’s Fishers PO Box. Do not write “box”.

** If ZIP +4 can be used the “4” is your Fishers PO Box number preceded with a zero.

For further Information please call the FI freight office at (631) 788-7345 or the New London freight office at (860) 442-0165.

Please note that no freight can be accepted at the New London terminal after 3:15pm, Monday through Friday.

The Fishers Island freight office hours are 8 AM - 4:45 PM Mon - Fri., and when the boat arrives on Saturday (Times are different in July and August). The New London freight office hours are 7 AM - 3:30 PM Mon - Fri and 7 AM - 11:30 AM Sat. The Fishers Island freight office may be closed when the boat is landing and 15 - 45 minutes after it has landed to process freight arrivals.

The freight offices are closed on Sundays and holidays.