• Walk-on passengers are welcome on the ferry as-long-as passengers follow New York State and Island Health Project protocols, including: wear a mask and social distance.
  • Passenger tickets are required from both locations. Round trips only originate in New London.

For your safety and the safety of others please observe the following policies and rules while aboard the ferry:

  • Respect the captain and crew at all times.
  • Access to pilot house and engine room is not permitted by passengers.
  • There is no smoking allowed anywhere on the ferry.
  • No gasoline, kerosene, propane or other inflammable material are permitted on the ferry per the USCG.
  • Please be respectful of your fellow passengers and keep cellphone and music volumes low and especially be mindful of the language you use in a public area.
  • Small children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • All pets must be leashed or in vehicles.
  • When operating a vehicle on the ferry and at ferry terminals, follow the deckhand’s signals at all times.
  • Backing on can be quite stressful. Please follow the instructions of the deckhands and captains.
  • Remain off the stairs while the ferry is docking and disembarking.
  • Once the ferry has docked, passengers will disembark after the center vehicle lanes are cleared.
  • Do not walk through freight wagons.
  • After the passengers disembark the remaining vehicles will be allowed off the ferry.  Please do not start your engine until it is your turn and follow the deckhand signals.
  • The Fishers Island Ferry is not responsible for damage to vehicles while moving on or off the vessels or while underway.


  • NEW LONDON – please follow the marked routes to the respective ferry ramp.  Present ticket to crew member when boarding. Walk on ferry using the yellow ramp path when advised by the crew. Be mindful of vehicles.
  • FISHERS ISLAND – please follow the pedestrian walkway along the Coast Guard fence to the North ferry ramp.  For the South ferry ramp please stay near the flower bed or stay on the wharf until instructed to board. Present ticket to crew member when boarding.. Be mindful of vehicles.


  • NEW LONDON – please follow the marked pedestrian routes and go to the right and keep close to the terminal building. Be mindful of vehicles.
  • FISHERS ISLAND – For the North ramp please follow the yellow ramp section to the pedestrian walkway along the Coast Guard fence.  For the South ramp please walk along the wharf to the terminal building.  Be mindful of vehicles – especially when crossing the road to parked cars and the school stairs. .Do not stop in the roadway.