This Cargo Trip schedule is in effect through the May schedule or until notified.

Cut-off times have been implemented to allow us to load the boats more efficiently/safely, carry other cargo and re-assure the additional cargo vendors that they (or their customers) will not be bumped at the last minute.

NO non-commercial / residential reservations will be accepted.

To simplify vessel loading, advance or long-range commercial reservations are encouraged.

Spaces held for fuel vendors:
Combination of either 1ea tractor trailer or max of 4, 34/37’ fuel or propane trucks. These spots or a combination are held until the commercial reservation cut-off time.

Wednesday’s cargo runs:

1) 0930 Depart NL
2) 1000 Depart FI
3) 1300 Depart NL
4) 1400 Depart FI

Cut-off time for a Wednesday reserved spot is NLT 1200 the Friday before.

Saturday’s cargo runs:

1) 0930 Depart NL
2) 1000 Depart FI
3) 1300 Depart NL
4) 1400 Depart FI

Cut-off time for a Saturday trip @ 1200 the Wednesday before.

The Coast Guard has currently authorized FIFD to carry up to 25 passengers on cargo runs, however the normal authorized amount is 16 and the USCG may revert at any time. These trips are open to anyone on a space available basis. This number does not include the ship’s crew but does include the drivers associated with the trucks.

Example 1: If trip is scheduled to carry three trucks with three drivers there will be 22 passenger spaces available. Depending on deck load, space and weight this could include non-commercial vehicles.

Example 2: If passenger count has reached 25 and there is adequate deck space and room for additional weight we can ship no-driver vehicles and or additional cargo/freight.

Departure or arrival times may change without notice to general public due to vendor delivery requirements or lack of cargo reservations.

Trips may be cancelled due to weather.